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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Blogger SEO Search Preferences

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Blogger SEO Search Preferences

Most of the bloggers are getting confused to setup the Search Preferences of the blog.So today i take part to show how to optimize SEO Search Preferences of blog to get high traffic .Actually there are too many parameters like Meta Tags , Errors and Re directions and Crawlers and Indexing
seo meta description

Meta Tag Description:

you will find Description text-box in the window, to enable follow the below picture.The search description must not more than 150 charterers.
Tip: After completion of your description check the number of characters Here(Char count online tool )
meta description

Errors and Re-directions:

Coming to this  will find two boxes 1.Custom page Not found  2.Custom Re directions

Custom Page Not Found:

this box is to show the text if you link were broken,I mean if you link is not available the text what you written in the text-box will be shown.

custom page not found

Paste the below code ,that will automatically redirects when your link not available
Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. 
You will be redirected to homepage shortly.
<script type = "text/javascript">
BSPNF_redirect = setTimeout(function() {
location.pathname= "/"
}, 1000); 


Custom Re-directions:

some link on your blog not available if find that link and you updated here you will paste old link and new link

Crawlers and Indexing:


Custom Robots Header Tags


please pay attention while modifying these , in correct use of these may effect you on seo
custom robots header tags

 Custom Robots.txt

Tip: Warning! Use with caution. Incorrect use of these features can result in your blog being ignored by search engines. 

custom robots.txt
To generate robots.txt file go to and paste the code here.
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SEO Effect on Title,Header,Meta Tags

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Blogger is the one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) which used by millions of people.So Goggle provided WEBMASTER TOOLS to which analyze our blog rankings,page views and bounce rate.In internet soo many templates are there to give look to your blog,some templates already SEO optimized some may not,by modifying the blogger template we can change our template to seo friendly.
seo effect on title,header,meta tags

 Display post title first in search results:


1.Goto Blogger >> Template >> Backup your Template
2.Click on Edit  Html and find the code below

3.Replace above code with following code

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

2. Add Meta Tags to blogger template

3.Optimize your post tile by H2

most of the search engines show the tag h2 instead og h1, we have change the post title tag.
1.Goto Template >> Edit Html
2.Search the below code
<b:if cond='data:post.title'>
you will find something like below picture

optmize post title for seo

 Change h3  >> h2 as

optmize post title for seo 1
now observe your blog seo and enjoy.
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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Some Blogger Tips you probably don't know

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Blogger or WordPress? subdomain or custom .com domain? These are some recurrent questions which people do when they want to start a "professional" blog.

My personal opinion is: Blogger is the best choice to publish your web site for free and I want to dedicate this post to illustrate the real power of this platform to create professional and succesful web sites, taking advantage of all free Google services like Picasa Web Album and Google Pages.

How organize images on your Blogger site
I read in several articles about Blogger you can't manage images you load on your posts. This is not true! When you load an image from the Blogger Post Editor it is saved on your Google Picasa Web Album account. To have a full control on all graphic element you load on your site you have simply to access to Picasa Web Album. You can do it directly from Google Home Page selecting Photos from the menu:

All images of your Blog are saved in an Album and you can organize them how you prefer in a very simple way:

Use Picasa Web Album to mantain original image quality

When you load a picture directly from the Blogger Post Editor, you will notice the quality of image you loaded is worse then original picture. I think Blogger uses (correctly) an image "compressor" to avoid people load enormous size pictures which would render too much weighed the page loading. But how can you do if you want to reserve the original quality for your picture (for example because you need the better quality for your layout elements)? I found this problem when I uploaded the background image on my site header directly from the Blogger Post Editor. The result was very bad. So I tryied to load the image directly from my Picasa account and voilà! Perfect quality.

Favicon Tips
I found several post about this topic very helpful but not completely exact. In fact all these articles suggest to upload your favicon with .ico extension on Google Page Creator. But if you use .ico extension for your file, fivicon will not be displayed correctly and it will sobstituded with GooglePages default icon. So, I suggest to use a .gif file instead of .ico. Anyway using a .gif file you can always upload your favicon directly on Google Picasa Web Album.

To display your favicon on web browser address bar you have to add this code into the <head> tag of your template:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href=""/>

Professional layout on Blogger

I also read some opinions about the difficulty to design a "professional" layout on Blogger compared to Wordpress. It's completely false. There are not any different. You have to modify lines of code on Wordpress like on Blogger. The only limit you have is your creativity.

I hope this post can help you to consider the real power of Blogger also creating complex and "professional" web site layout for your free, money-maker, succesful blog.
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Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Mistakes Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging

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We are human, so mistakes are inevitable. We will have experience after we had mistake. And the things we could do better compared than animals are we will avoid in order not to repeat such mistakes.

A newbie blogger will have a lot of mistakes in blogging and I’m sure that they don’t want to have them. They want to be a professional and successful blogger, and that is why we created this blog, to help them do what they want easier.

If you are a newbie blogger and want to be a successful blogger, the easy way I think you should do to get this results is do the same things that the successful blogger did. One of them is avoid the mistakes that they had in blogging. So, what is it?

1. Choose Wrong Topic

The Mistakes  Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging

There are many things you can write about. You can write about what you love or what you have knowledge. You can write about love, technology, journalism, science, etc. So, to choose a topic which you will write about is most important.

Many of newbie bloggers chose wrong topic when they started their blogs. They chose the topics which they think it could help them make money. But they were wrong. All of the reasons is they couldn’t make the readers to be trust about what they said. And they were failure.

Personally, I recommend you should only choose the topics that you really have interest and knowledge. That’s all.

2. No Plan

The Mistakes  Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging

No plan will be making everything messing up, and of course, you’d be hard to carry out your goals.

I know you have many things to do. So, you can pass something if you don’t have a plan. If you missed something, which means you missed some chance. That why you need have a plan when you start a blog.

Having a plan will make your job progress smoothly and your success will come more easily.

3. Choose Wrong Blog Platform

The Mistakes  Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging

There are many blog platforms you can use to build a professional blog, and your job is to choose a blog platform that best suits your abilities and your needs.

If blog platforms can’t give the function that you need, you can not do anything.

Even so, the selection of a blog has too many features or surpasses the ability of your control is also not reasonable. If you plan on choosing a blog platform has many features that you are not sure or can not manage the blog, you should not select it.

4. Copy Content

Copy other people’s posts to your blog that is mean nothing is yours. You are just a shadow of others. Surely, readers would not appreciate such bloggers. Furthermore, when the search engines change their algorithms, your blog will receive a “punishment” if you copy the post of another blog. That is why many successful bloggers advice to the newbie bloggers should create the unique content for their blog to get success. You should too.

The Mistakes  Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging
You should try to avoid to copy other bloggers content because it is the best way to build a brand for your blogs.

5. Use Free Domain and Free Hosting.

A free domain will not give readers the trust and professionalism to the site used it. This is certain. Try checking with a small question. You would buy the produce of which the vendor of the two following addresses: and

The Mistakes  Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging
Free Hosting to often make your page load time more slowly. And Did you have enough patience to wait for a site load too long? I believe no. You will leave this site. Using Premium Hosting will guarantee work for your blog load faster and stable. That’s why I do not recommend using free hosting.

6. Use Free Themes.

The Mistakes  Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging
In fact, there are many free templates for you choose to use for your blog. I’m also sure that many of newbie bloggers will use free themes for their blog. I did that and of course, after a while I realized that this is a mistake. You will be hard to impress and create individual images for the reader to use a Free Themes because so many people have used it. Think carefully before you decide to use Free Themes for your blog.

7. Don’t Update Regularly

This is the mistake which many bloggers have in blogging. There are many reasons why they could not update their blogs regularly. They had no time, they had some important things to do … and so they could not take the care for their blog. But this also is the reason that the traffic to their blog is downing.
The Mistakes  Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging
Readers want new information. There are thousands of blogs existed will be happy to cater to them. If you couldn’t bring it to them, they will leave you. That’s why you should make your blog refresh as much as possible to get more visitors.

8. Don’t Learn About SEO

There are many blogs having good content but it still not have good traffic. Why? I think because of they don’t know how to drive traffic to their blogs. They just wrote and hoped readers will come. But it not happened. They really needed to do more.

The Mistakes  Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging
There are many ways to get traffic to your blogs, but, from personally, I thought SEO is the best ways to do that. Because of most of us always used the search engine to look for something. And if your blog has high ranking in search results, you will have more chance to getting more visitors. So that’s why you should learn about SEO.

9. No Backup
The Mistakes  Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging

Many of my friends forgot to back up their blog data and unfortunately when their hosting provider had the problem. Their blogs will die for some time and it seems like their efforts have gone. That’s terrible, right? So, make sure that you are regular backup your blog to protect yourselves.

10. Don’t Use Favicon and Gravatar.

The picture makes you prone to irritability rather than words. And you should know that the images may also represent a brand. That’s why you see the apple icon, you’ll think about Apple Inc, or fire fox you will think of the Firefox browser. Favicon for the blog and use Gravatars will be the best way for people to recognize you among hundreds of thousands of other blogs. This is also a way for others to know about your brand.

11. Do Not Reply to Comment

I saw many successful bloggers always reply to every comment they had in their blog. They also recommended too. Why?

The Mistakes  Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging
Not answer a reader’s comment on the blog is a mistake that you should not have. Because of this was the best way to mount you with your readers, increasing the reader’s trust in you. If possible, please reply to all comments on your blog.

12. Become a Spammer.

The Mistakes  Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging
Comment on other blogs is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your blog. Many people took advantage of it and become a spammer. If you are going to be a spammer, I recommend you remove this idea just because it is not welcomed by everyone, sometimes counterproductive.

13. Choose Wrong Methods to Make Money

There are many ways to make money from your blog, but not all of them are right for their blog. Some niche blog only be suitable for one or two methods.

The Mistakes  Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging
For example, when I asked my friend, “ Can I make big money online from my blog with Google Adsense?”, he answered is NO, with my blog niche (my blog niche is blogging), I can make just some cent from GA. That’s truth. I put some GA ads but it don’t work. But when I put it into my other blog niche, I got the result that makes me a big surprise.

So, I think choosing the right ways to make money from your blog is so important.

14. Placing Too Many Ads

I tried putting a lot of ads on my blog this past week and there’s one thing I noticed is the amount of visitors to blog less, the percentage of customers leaving the blog has increased. The reason according to my understanding that the ad images made readers uncomfortable, and difficult to focus on blog content. Moreover, too many pictures and java script as well as blog load slower and of course, the reader will not have enough patience and leave your blog.
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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Blogger Traffic: How To Auto Ping Your Blogger Blog?

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With wordpress, you get almost a million plugins to do the auto ping task fro your site. But for undeveloped platforms like blogger, it is not possible to automatically ping right now. You have to go to different sites and fill your site’s detail every time before pinging your your site. Moreover, CAPTCHA just blows off the mind. So, in this tutorial, I will show you how to ping your blogger blog automatically without going and doing the formalities. Please continue.

What Is Pinging?

When you ping your site, different search engines all over the world receive latest updates from your site’s rss or sitemap which help them to index your site better. It also helps to increase your crawl rate in Google and Yahoo search engines. Pinging is a good practice once in 2-3 days.

Will Many Pings Affect Your Site?

Sure. They can give a bad experience to people visiting your site and moreover, they can effect your SEO listings. Google like search engines consider these types of thousands of pings in months as SPAM and usually block, delete, or blacklist your site depending on the rate of ping. So, be careful while pinging your site.

How To Ping Your Blogger Site Automatically?

To ping your blogger site automatically, we have got 2 sites for you:

#1: Googleping

It may seem as ‘official’ ping site for Google but it is rather not. It will help you to ping your site to over 200+ search engines worldwide including the famous Google Blog search. So, to auto ping your site from it, follow this:
  1. Go to Google Ping
  2. For the first time, you will have to fill out the details.
  3. Fill CAPTCHA and hit Send Pings.
  4. Now, you will get a page where your PINGs will be sent to search engines.
  5. Simply bookmark that page.
  6. [Optional] You can short the link on
  7. Come back anytime to Ping your site again! icon smile How To Auto Ping Your Blogger Blog?

#2: Auto Ping

Auto ping is a brilliant site to ping your site anytime with the help of single link. You just have to place that link on your site and click it once and boom! Your site is pinged to many search engines. To do that, follow:
  1. To make it simple, we will straightly provide you code!
  2. Go to Blogger Template.
  3. Paste the below code anywhere you will like to see the link:
    <!– auto ping by –>
    <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”″ alt=”Ping your blog, website, or RSS feed for Free” border=”0″ /></a>
    <!– auto ping by–>

  4. Now, save your template.
  5. You will see a link on your homepage. Click it anytime whenever you want to ping your site!

From Editor’s Desk

Be careful with pinging as it is same as acids in Science Lab. Can be very useful and destructive. So, what are your thoughts about the post? Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and tell us your comments in the comment section! Have a nice day! icon smile How To Auto Ping Your Blogger Blog?
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Monday, 1 April 2013

Blogger Traffic:How to submit your blog’s sitemap to google

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If you are running a blog (be it on any platform), it is of utmost importance to submit you blog’s sitemap to the major search engines especially google. If you are unaware of the term ‘sitemap’, then sitemap is a list (usually in an xml format) of all the links of your content within your blog. That is, it will include the URLs of your blog pages, blog posts etc.

Advantags of submitting your blog’s sitemap to search engines.

1. Search engines will more likely to have timely indexing of your blog.
2. All of the URLs on you blog will be accessed by search engines & are more likely to get indexed.
3. Your blog will more frequently be crawled by google & your newly created post will get indexed soon.
4. Your blog will get increase in traffic from search engines as a result of most of your content being indexed.
5. You will get lots of backlinks if you post a breaking news & it get indexed in google timely & on first page.
So, you can see that it is very useful to submit your blog’s sitemap to google. Infact, it is the first step in the process of improving your blog’s SEO.

How to submit my blog’s sitemap to google ?

It is quite easy to submit your blog’s sitemap to google. This post covers the steps involved in submitting you sitemap to google for both blogs hosted on blogspot as well as self hosted wordpressblogs.

For blogs hosted on :

If you are using for your blog, then it is quite easy to submit your sitemap. Infact, google will automatically verify you. Just follow the following simple steps :
1. Login to your blogger with your google account.
2. Open Google Webmaster Tools in a new tab or window.
3. You will see that google has a list of blogs that you have on blogger under that account.
4. Check the blogs, you want to add, & click add selected blogs.
5. Now you will see yor blog name listed under ‘Sites’. Click on it. You will be taken to your dashboard for that blog. Here you can see your blog statistics (backlinks, search queries etc). Though it will not appear in the first go as google will take some days in accumulating information of your blog.
6. Click on ‘Site Configuration’ (in the left sidebar) & then ‘sitemaps‘ from the submenu.
7.Click on ‘submit a sitemap‘ button. You will be prompted to fill the complete address to your sitemap.
8. Here we will use your RSS feeds as your sitemap. So, after the site address, (i.e fill in:

so the whole url becomes
9. Now click ‘submit a sitemap‘ button next to the url field.
10. You will now see that your sitemap (feed) listed in the table with the status ‘pending’. After some hours, it will get verified. So you now have your blog’s sitemap submitted to google.
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Blogger Beginner: 5 softwares you must have to become a better blogger

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5 softwares you must have to become a better blogger
A bad worker with full equipment still work more productive than a good worker equipped with nothing. If you know how to design your own blogger template but only use some simple software to do it than that template will turn in to a regular blogger template. In this article I will show you 5 software you must have in order to design a great blogger template for your blog. There are a lot more software, but the reason why I only introduce 5 because it meet three criteria: useful, easy to use and free. 

1. Coding using Notepad++

coding using notepad++
As a blogger we need to have Notepad++ to edit or even code our own template. We shouldn't use the HTML editor on Blogger because Notepad++ it's free and fully supports modern programming languages​​. Some great features that the built-in such as highlight and mark the opening and closing tags, collapse and expand code flexibility, etc ...

You can download Notepad++ for free by clicking here

2. Edit photos using Photoscape

Edit photos using photoshop
Photoscape is a free photo editor. It allows you to crop images, rate, adjust brightness, color, watermark or even edit .gif image. The important point is that it is very easy to use, but also to ensure adequate basic features. You can download Photoscape here for free.

3. Design your own banner with Inkscape

design your own banner with inkscape
Inkscape is open-source software has similar features to Corel but much more lighter. Inkscape now has instructions in English to help you from tinkering. To me this software really help when it come to designing my own banner. Check out Inkscape at

4. Make movies with Windows Movie Maker

Make movies with windows movie maker
Sometimes we need to make our own video to demonstrate something or to help out other people right? If you have trouble figuring out which software you need then try Windows Movie Maker. Unlike any video maker software this one is very easy to use, and available in any Windows computer. 

5. Blogging with Windows Live Writer

blogging with windows live writer
Like but not least, Windows Live Writer. This software is quite good and important, it helps you write a blog post as easy as presented in the Word document. If your blog is running on Blogger platform, you can insert images directly to Windows Live Writer from your computer and it will automatically upload to Picasa Web. You can can also edit your images with the following options: cut, add effects, watermark, adjust the size, etc. 

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use those software. I hope at some point or another these software will really help you. Any question feel free to comment below.
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Friday, 29 March 2013

Blogger Traffic:7 ways to get more comments for your blog or website

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When we start our new blog we always wish to have masses of visitors with meaningful comments. We always try to grab people’s attention through our contents so that we may run our blog successfully. For this purpose, many bloggers start to promote their blogs not only in social networks but on other’s blogs too. SEO is the best option which they find for their blog’s promotion. SEO not only increases their page rank but also bring many visitors to their blog. If visitors find their blog helpful then they start visiting their blogs day by day to get more informative blogging tips from their blog. If our page rank is good then we will be definitely succeeding in getting backlinks and visitors.
A true fact, if your contents are helpful then you will get visitors too. But remember, writing good post for your blog is not everything to bring traffic. There are lots of factors which convince people not only to visit on your blog but to comment also. We always expect to recieve meaningful comments which relate to our content.  A meaningful comment is admired than only one  simple line saying  ’thanks for this useful post’. But what when nobody wants to comment on your blog? Its because you are not dealing rightly with your comment’s option. SEO is the first and most primary thing to get traffic but do you leave good result in people’s mind when they visit your site? If you want to gain visitors then visitors are also in search and chance of making their value in blogger’s mind and other visitors of your blog. Communication between two persons always make a good relation and blogging is a kind of knowledge-sharing relation.

Okay, so here I am going to give few important tips to all those bloggers who didn’t give much importance to comments.

Sending Comments To Other Blogs Is Worthwhile:-

I have mentioned the most important basic tip here.
 1. Writing comments on other blogs is the foremost thing which help your blog to grow soon.You will have to make a kind of relationship with other bloggers. When they will see your advantageous comments on their site they would surely like to visit your blog and would love to leave comments on your each post. Not only this but visitors of their blog would also visit and comment on your  posts.
2. Make a list of top 20 blogs with high PR (Page rank) and try to send your comments on those blogs everyday. It depends on you that how you manage with your SEO. Whether you give your most of the time on sending comments or try to keep balance in writing posts for your blog and writing comments for other’s blogs. Try to send comments on many blogs it will bring good results. However you manage, this will not only increase your PR but also bring traffic of their blog. Huge traffic will give you result of many worthwhile comments. This tip is worthy of attention because you can get traffic, unique visitors and backlinks from those popular blogs. Write down this tip in your mind instead of writing on any page which could be lost by you!
3. Chose your favorite blogs from 20 high PR blog list and subscribe to their RSS feed. Whenever those blogs will be updated you will automatically get information by receiving email. On recieving email you would surely like to visit that blog to read new contents. Must chose high PR blogs for subscription and leave your comment in anyway because those high PR blogs are the only way to get backlinks and new traffic. In result, such kinds of blogs will also become the reason for your blog’s high PR.

Replying To Your Blog’s Comments Is Advantageous:-

These tips are also foremost like those tips which are given above.
1. Whenever someone finds your content helpful and worth-reading he always tries to comment for appericiation, question or to share any of his opinion. Take special care of these kinds of visitors because they can keep your blog alive and cheer you up by sending comments. Give a good response to them and backup them for sending comments. Ask them to keep sharing their views on your blog. Your behavour is considered all the time. Visitors will surely come back to your blog if you held a good conversation with them.
2. Discussion is the most best way through which you can’t only grab your visitor’s attention but would convince silent readers to participate in that healthy dicussion. You will have to keep good atmosphere while discussing on anything. Don’t let anyone misbehave on your blog because it can actually leave bad impact on your visitors. In result, you can lose them. Discussing on posts, giving equal importance to other’s comments and sharing your knowledge is admired the most. Use emoticons to express your feelings or else you can simply write your feeling between two stars. Say, *Smiles* , *Winks* etc…!

High Quality Contents Will Convince People To Comment:-

Contents are the primary thing of blog. When someone will ask about blogging then which next 3 to 4 words will come into your mind? Of course, words will be fun, visitors, earning and contents. Keep in mind, contents play the most important role in succeeding. If your blog doesn’t contain high quality contents then whatever the highest figure of visitors is in your blog, you will surely not get many comments from your visitor.
1. Write detailed and informative content. Describe each and every point in your content. Make your contents enthralling so that your visitors may not lose their interest in your content. English grammer should be good. Other than, words vocablary is also a good point to be concentrated. But it would be good if you use easy english which should be understood by everyone easily because life is as fast as smile and people don’t have much time to open their dictionaries to search for your high vocabulary.
2. It would be very very great if you come up with new ideas. Which could grab people’s attention. If you can’t then try to think about your visitor’s demand. Think that what would be admired by them. Which topics are they in search for? If you bring a new helpful topic which is on demand those days then your blog will surely gain too many eyes searching for your site and hands writing comments for your blog.

Hold Contests In Your Blog For More Comments:-

There are many bloggers which hold contests in their blog so that they may get more comments everyday. They oftenly give domains, prizes, cash, freebies, ebook, advertisement etc to the winner. In result, most of the people start sending comments to their blog to participate in the contest.
Holding contest in your blog for comment’s improvement can really help you to get more people for your site. Neither I participated in any blog’s contest nor I held any contest in my blog. But I would love to participate in contests because contests are really fascinating. They are kind of entertainment for us. So, participating in contest would be fun. Its so charming to hold a contest in our own blog. You should also try it not for fun only but for better results for your blog too.

Blog With Top Commentors Widget Gets Many Comments:-

By adding top commentor widget in your blog you can get many comments. If you didn’t instal this widget in blog then don’t be late for a second even. Instal it immediately in your blog. Many bloggers have installed this widget in their blog and they get many comments due to the availibility of this plugin. This plugin not only help to get many comments from visitors but it also help commentors to get good traffic for their site.
When they participate in comments then most of them try to send more and more comments because Top commentors widget show the top commentors and this thing help them to get more traffic, backlinks and brandings. So, they make their own reputation by sending more comments. Top Commentors Widget will not only give advantage to you but to those also who are interested to build traffic and backlinks for their blogs.
Add Top commentors widget somewhere on the top of your blog so that people may easily notice this widget on your blog and get interested in comments. When I heard about this widget I was really surprised with its advantage. This widget is not only helpful to you but for others too. You ought to add this widget in your blog for not only better but best results.

Notify Your Commentors About New Comments By Email:-

If you go to various blogs you will definitely see ‘leave a comment’ box. There are some blogs which give facility of subscription to their commentors so that their commentors may know about other’s comments by receiving a mail of ‘new comment’ and keep participating in that post again and again.
There is a plugin of wordpress which will definitely keep updating your commentors about new comments in case they checked the box of ‘Notify me of followup comments via email’. Email subscription for comments is the best way to keep awakening those who love to participate in comments and try their best to be top commentors.
Some bloggers thank their visitors for commenting on their blog. When commentors click button of send it take them to another page of ‘thank you for your comment’. Most of the people find it irritating because after entering into ‘thank you’ page they click back button to read their comments or post again. Yes, we ought to say ‘thank you’ to everyone but try to avoid it. Other than this, bloggers even include captachas in their comment section which is really annoying and time consuming. Make everything simple because no one has time to spend on these time consuming things.

CommentLuv Is Another Way To Get More Comments:-

Commentluv plugins are available at wordpress. If you are user of wordpress then start using this plugin immediately because blogs which have installed plugin of commentluv are getting more comments on their blogs.
Bloggers and SEOs are always in search for commetluv enabled blogs because such blogs helps a lot to get high page ranks and maximum search engines. Try to assure your visitors about commentluv facility by highlighting commentluv somewhere on the side of your blog. Some bloggers make a list for commentluv enabled blogs and send their comments specially to such kinds of blogs. In result, many blogs with commentluv facility get so many comments.
Commentluv and Top commentor widgets are the most important and primary thing for any blogger if he or she is in search for good traffic and backlinks then these both should be considered as roots of comments.
I have tried my best to convey every way of getting many comment, if I missed something I would like you to leave your comments.
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Blogger Traffic: Top ways to promote blog or website

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So you have written the most amazing, most spectacular, most brilliant blog post EVER.  You’ve optimized it for SEO.  It is unique, fresh, and even a little witty.  What now?  How do you ensure the world knows about this tremendous piece of art?
You could always fork out the big bucks for paid advertising in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or premium ad space on other well-known blogs and websites.
Or, you could go a more financially efficient route and use the following five ways to promote your most awesome blog post:
1 – Post to Social Media
While this may seem obvious, the use of social media to promote your blog post cannot be overstated.  Make sure you have created a Twitter account, Facebook Page, and Google+ Page for your blog.  Other platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest can also be leveraged effectively.  It is a good idea to use a social sharing app like Hootsuite or Buffer to consolidate your social media accounts as well.  In addition, these apps give you the opportunity to share across several social media accounts all at once.  Utilizing hashtags related to your post can also get your post noticed more often.
2 – Comment on other blogs
Now I am not advocating that you leave a link to your latest blog post in the comment section of every blog you visit.  However, most commenting systems on other blogs will give you the option to link back to your blog.  So commenting on other blogs can drive traffic to your homepage.  Or, if you use the URL for a specific blog post, that traffic will be headed straight to the post you are trying to promote.  An even better option is commenting on blogs that utilize the CommentLuv plugin, which automatically links back to your most recent blog post.  As a side note, treat others’ blogs with the same respect you would want for your own blog — don’t leave comments that have no real value or don’t contribute to the discussion.  Be a part of the community.
3 – Submit your post to voting sites
Submitting your post to sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, and BlogEngage are also great ways to get your post noticed.  While these sites may not raise your rankings in search results, they do provide valuable backlinks and traffic to your blog.  In addition, several of these sites are more than just voting sites; they are communities of bloggers — places where you can connect and network with many great bloggers as well as learn from them and catch up on the latest blogging trends.
4 – Communicate with your readership
One of the best ways to maintain regular communication with your readers is to develop a way for them to subscribe to your blog by email.  Using a service like MailChimp will accomplish this for you and it will also allow you to send regular updates, thank you notes, and targeted blog posts to your subscribers.
5 – Utilize Twitter as a networking tool
This process has been particularly successful for me, so I would suggest you try it as well.  Develop a network of blogging friends and acquaintances on Twitter.  Read and comment on their blogs.  Cultivate a real relationship with them.  Then, when you have written that amazingly spectacular and brilliant post, mention or DM them with a link to your post.  If you have shown yourself to be a true blogging friend, they will most likely read your post, comment on it, and retweet it for you — the blogging trifecta!
Thank you so much for reading!  I would love to hear the ways you promote your blog posts!  Leave a comment and then share the love with a Retweet, Facebook like, Google+ share, etc.
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