Thursday, 30 August 2012

How to run php script on XAMPP

// siddhu vydyabhushana // 6 comments

Hello friends i got many requests from the viewers so i posted this present am using XAMPP !! as a server to run php script , in jsp we use tomcat as a server ,ok if u are familiar to jsp ok good else good!!!!!!!!!!!!

1)first of u please follow below steps to run php script:

DOWNLOAD XAMPP SERVER FIRST       :                      CLICK HERE

2)After download install it as clicking next ,next repeatedly ,it will saved on  d ,or c drive as per ur selection,as like below pic

3)After ur observation, u need to double click on xampp ,it will be opened likeas below

4) its main folder to store our projects or tutorials...............................,please double click on htdocs
5)create a newfolder and change that name as ur wish that will be ur project ........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!creaate simple php file and execute it as

1) rename newfolder  as firstproj
2)and create a file name as index.php

code for index.php is

echo "first project by";

and execute it  as  localhost/firstproj 

1)open  your browser
2)and type localhost/firstproj and press enter you will get output

siddhu vydyabhushana